This month were launching a new line of products for us here at Lone Gunman Games. I say new for "us" as 6 of these figures were briefly availible in early 2003 from another company, more on this in a moment.

The new line is a 28MM modern themed line of miniatures called collectively Modern Heroes. They are suitable for modern, Cyberpunk, Post Apoc, and other near future game settings. Full information on the line can be found on there dedicated products page. The manufacturer's suggested retail price will $3.00 each for the first 12 figures in the line. I have lotted these up so that anyone who had previously purchased the original six miniatures can purchase the new six sculpts without worrying about any duplications...

Now for the history of these figures. In 2003 a new company called Eclipse/4G Enterprise's was started by four friends who all had various experience in the hobby and joined forces to start a new company. This was at the time before the release of D20 Modern or any of the recent modern skirmish war gaming rules. The only RPG line at that time that these might have been used for was Cyberpunk and it was languishing due to the lack of new material being released. So the company decided after the first initial release to stop production and cancell the proposed future releases for the company.

I had some of these miniatures instock from the lines liquidation at the distributors level and they sold well as long as I had full sets to offer, but those soon dissapeared from the shelves as customers purchased them. For a long time I wondered what happened to them and were they lost to the gaming void.

Jumping ahead to last year when I bought the Armies of Arcana line health issues with the castor holding the molds forced me to find a new one. After speaking to a few friends I had aquired in the industry I found out that this new caster was a former member of 4G enterprises. So the pertinnent questions were asked about there plans for the line.

So after many phone calls by the caster he found that no one had any future plans for these miniatures. So the next phase was to find the molds and begin casting again. Then I get the dreaded e-mail that the member who was to have taken possesion of the molds did not and they were thrown away during a move by another member. So there went my hopes of getting them back into production. They were gone forever...

Then a miracle happens the caster moved to a new office and he found the master mold that could be used to make new production masters and molds. So we are back in business for the costs of a few new molds. So I get six samples mailed to me before the molds are made and to my surprise there are two figures in there that I have never seen in my life. So were these someone else's sculpts and what happened to the two missing miniatures I had pictures of?

So more phone calls were made and the member who was in charge of promoting the line said those were the only 6 that were ever offered, but I had proof to the contrary pictured in there retail packaging. So more searching was done at the castors investigating master molds that had not seen the light of day in a decade. Finally he found the missing two miniatures and four more that had never been production molded at all hidden within another companies master molds.

So now much to my delight I managed to not only bring six miniatures back from the abyss, but also to discover there were six more unproduced figures that the gaming community have never even seen before.

I know it doesn't seem like a huge miracle to some people, but for me it was the thing that made my year special...