Well my resolution this year is to do better with the business. I spent part of last year making advanced plans to do just that this year.

I just posted painted photo's of the Wolfen into there page on the website. Thanks J.r. at MiniatureModeler.com for taking that task for which I have no time off my hands.

I have 3 new releases being lined up as we speak for 2013, expect to see info on those in the next 4-6 weeks.

and I have volunteered to get into a gaming community project that has arisen on TMP. One of the members there sculpted the bottom half of a 3 legged thing and he wanted to donate it to someone if they would have the community finish the top half of the sculpture making it what ever they wanted.

So I am getting them made in metal as we speak and anyone who is interested may sign up for the project. Were still hammering out what the final pay put will be for those who send me greens to have mastered and produced in metal. Right now we just need enough willing sculptors to make the investment in the molding process worthwhile.

here is the link to the TMP post showing the 3 legged dollie green.