Today I got a packet of samples from the greens I sent to the caster. The greens were sculpted by WhiffWaff with a lot of detail for 15MM. These are the pics I took with my digital camera of the masters that will make up the production molds for the new "Lords of Fantasy" line that I will be launching with these 5 new sculpts.

I am taking pre-orders now for these to help with the initial costs of production. Pre-order packs will be in lots of 6 figures for all but the wizard who can be ordered seperately, but only with one of the other packs during the pre-order. Each figure will be pre-order priced at a special $0.60 with an SRP of $0.90 once the production begins.

I will be taking pre-orders until August 15th 2009 at which time the standard retail pricing will apply. Shipping for these pre-orders will be figured on a case by case basis once I have enough here to know the shipping weight.International orders are welcome and encouraged. Please feel free to contact me at the e-mail address provided on the about me page of this site...

LFA001 Adventurer Human with axe and shield.

LFB001 Barbarian with Axe

LFD001 Dwarf Warrior with Axe

LFE001 Elf Bowman

LFA002 Adventurer Human Wizard