After a much to long pause (my other companies required my attention) things are finally moving forward again for Lone gunman games. I have given the website a major overhaul by adding pages for the new lines of miniatures, updating the site graphics to correspond to the new retail packaging that was designed by our good friend Wyatt the Odd that will be printed this year.

I have also due to customer demand added the dimensions to the 15MM lines so that the size of the figures can be compared to the figures of other manufacturers. I have had many requests for figure heights and this will hopefully be a valuable feature for our customers.

Goals for this year will also include finally getting the miniatures into the hands of convention dealers, local gaming stores, and adding more figures to our ever expanding catalog.

I also want to take a moment and thank those who have placed orders with and supported us this year. Without your continued support none of this would be possible...

Thanks you