Contest Results

Ok, Now that everyone has had time to look at the photo's of the entrants, its time to reveal who won first place in the contest and who entered what. Judging was done by Wyatt the Odd who did not enter the contest.

The contest prizes are as follows.

1st place $100.00 USD USD store credit or $50.00 USD USD cash

2nd place $70.00 USD USD store credit or $35.00 USD USD cash

3rd place $30.00 USD USD store credit or $15.00 USD USD cash

And everyone who entered will get metal copies of what was entered. Both tops and bottoms. There are no losers in our contest.

Contest Entries

Welcome everyone to our first ever community sculpting contest. Dan (Cacique Caribe) sculpted an interesting 3 legged bottom half to a 15MM miniatures and instead of finishing it himself wanted to donate it to the community to see how someone else would finish it. After many people held up there hands to volunteer we had them produced so that everyone would have something to work from. From the original eleven that said they wanted to enter we had 5 that sent in something and a lot of those who entered did so twice. These are what they came up with.

For those who don't remember or knew nothing of the contest here is the original bottom half that everyone started with.

Tripod Dollie

Entrant #1 was Rob "TheCount" Cullen 

Took 3rd place with his Alien troopers

We have some awful green things, probably a mated pair and an alien general, officer and trooper some with armor mods to the legs.

Awful green things
Awful green things again
Group Shot

 Entrant #2 Was Brian "Gokiburi" Harriman

We have two sets of very interesting looking alien creatures. The second from the left in the first picture will have 3 claw arms once it is duplicated in the molding process.

alien creature assortment #1
alien creature assortment #2

 Entrant #3 was...

Elye Alexander from Griffin Tamer Miniatures

  took 1st Place with his Phytoscorpions

This time we have another double entry first in the "Alien - Creature" category. the first pictures are of a race called the Phytoscorpions. members of an alien race resembling arachnids in many respects, but also exhibiting some plantlike characteristics, including leaflike structures that enable them to photosynthesize and draw energy from any local sun even in a vacuum. Their hive-mind cunning makes them formidable adversaries. Colonies are organized in pentads, five individuals each specialized for a separate function much like the different members of a termite colony.

A full pentad:

The "cereb" - the leader of the pentad and prime strategist, capable of limited mind control over certain other species.

The "chem" - capable of excreting and projecting dozens of different compounds including combat acids, powerful solvents and adhesives, and communications pheromones.

The "barb" - adept at capturing other species with its long arms and paralyzing stinger.

The "enforcer" - deadly in close combat and astoundingly strong.

The "util" - quickest and most dexterous of the pentad, performs scouting and hive maintenance duties.

Phytoscorpion group 1
Phytoscorpion group 1
Phytoscorpion upper parts

The second set is for the "Alien - Advanced" category, a team of five modular combat robots with interchangeable chassis and turrets which can be combined in 25 possible configurations. Last picture is the parts, both chassis and turrets.

Tripedal Robots
Tripedal Robots group 1
Tripedal Robots Group 2
Tripedal Robots Chassis turrets

 Entrant #4 was 28mmMan

Made a set of aliens with a weapon that looks like some kind of a mortar. I am including the concept sketch here as well as it is hard to make out the detail of the alien from the pictures.

concept sketch.
Aliens with mortars #1
Aliens with mortars #1
Aliens with mortars #3

 Entrant #5 was T.E. Ackerson 

Took 2nd Place with his Stalkers

Our final entrant did a total of four figures. Mr. Sluggo who is probably some kind of an alien gangster and three aliens he calls Stalkers probably because of there single eye on a stalk.

Mr. Sluggo

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