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Welcome to Lone Gunman Games 

All our miniatures are cast in lead free pewter and are manufactured here in the USA.

Please check out the product page for more information about our lines of miniatures and the link to our on-line store.     

We take paypal and shipping is by exact weight. Please contact us for special orders.                               

15MM line of metal miniatures sculpted by world renowned artist Sandra Garrity.

Amazon Sword Maidens

 15MM line of metal miniatures sculpted by up and coming artist Whiffwaff.

Fantasy Adventurers

15MM line of Science Fiction metal miniatures Sculpted by multiple artists.

 28MM line of metal miniatures sculpted by Behrle Hubbuch.

Modern Heroes set 1
Modern Heroes Set 2

 28MM line of Metal miniatures sculpted by various artists.

Satyrs Group
Playgames Magazine #1

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