Modern Heroes is a 28MM line of metal miniatures suitable for modern, cyberpunk, and near future game settings. All the figures are sculpted by Behrle Hubbuch.

Modern Heroes set 1
modern heroes set 2
Bodyguard #1 Male

MH001 Bodyguard #1 Male

The typical plain clothed bodyguard reaching for his concealed weapon.

Field Tech #1 Femail

MH003 Field Tech #1 Female 

Field tech making notes on her portable computer. She has other gear and a backpack.

Police officer #1 Female

MH005 Police Officer #1 Female

Field officer in patrol uniform with pistol

Cat Burglar #1 Female

MH002 Cat Burglar #1 Female 

A well equiped modern thief with backpack, harness, night vision goggles, pistol and other equipment.

Martial Artist #1 Male

 MH004 Martial Artist #1 Male

Dressed as a man on the street this martial artist is ready for action.

Mercenary #1 Male

 MH006 Mercenary #1 Male

Combat ready mercenary with machine gun pistols

Modern Heroes set #1

 MH Set1:

THe original six miniatures in the modern heroes line combined into one boxed set.

Gang Member #1 Female

 MH007 Gang Member #1 Female

Young girl in tight clothes weilding a pipe

Fighting Priest #1 Male

MH009 Fighting Priest #1 Male 

A priest with a gun in one hand and a book in the other

Pop Diva Superspy #1 Female

MH011 Pop Diva Superspy #1 Female 

Dressed to perform or to kill she will do it again

Field Medic #1 Male

MH008 Field Medic #1 Male 

Field Doctor who appears to be ready for anything

Mad Scientist #1 Male

MH010 Mad Scientist #1 Male 

Large man with an apron and a beaker

Soldier #1 Male

MH012 Soldier #1 Male 

Combat ready and armed to the teeth

Modern Heroes Set #2

 MH Set2:

The newest set of six miniatures in the series.


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